The CrafterCMS marketplace provides a home for the Crafter community to contribute, find, and use plugins. Community members, partners, and the core team contribute to the ecosystem by submitting Marketplace plugins for all to use.

CrafterCMS plugins extend the CMS and provide the user additional functionality. Plugins can be blueprints, which are Web application templates that contain authoring and delivery extensions and can be developed in many technologies including: React, Angular, Vue, FreeMarker/HTML 5, GraphQL, REST, Groovy, and more. Studio users instantiate a blueprint using Crafter Studio's Create Site Dialog and a new Web app is born. In the near-future, we will be introducing component plugins that extend Crafter Studio and Crafter Engine (authoring and delivery) to allow developers to package their Crafter CMS extensions into smaller units that can be combined to create new experiences both for authors and end-users.

Creating plugins is fast and easy, read the docs to learn more: https://docs.craftercms.org/current/developers/cook-books/marketplace/create-plugins.html